Hali is a gorgeous cream mini Goldendoodle in excellent health. Hali is very smart and loving, she is eager to please and loves learning new things everyday, shes a busy girl who keeps me on my toes, never a dull moment with Hali!!!


Ember is a lovely Mid sized Goldendoodle, she has a beautiful apricot silky coat and has a wonderful personality, she is very smart and loves to learn new things everyday. Embers health and temperament are excellent.


Abby is our newest addiction, she is our first petite Labradoodle, Abby is a fun loving dog that loves to run and play when outdoors and is content just sitting with us or playing with the other pets indoors.


Penny is a beautiful Goldendoodle with tons of personality, she’s happy, playful and ready to please, she’s very smart and loyal!


Chloe is a sweet and caring dog with a great temperament. She is also in great health. Chloe is a petite Goldendoodle.


Jada is a Goldendoodle with a lovely fleecy non-shedding coat, she is a great Mom and makes beautiful babies!


Suzie is a loyal loving pet that loves people and actually thinks she is one, she is a lot fun to be around. Suzie produces adorable non-shed puppies with great temperaments and exceptional intelligence.


Fergie is a joy to be around, she is a gentle well mannered dog.




Sadie is a mini-Goldendoodle.  Sadie is a great pet and an excellent mother. No matter what names these pups go by Petite goldendoodles or Tiny goldendoodles they have mighty personalities and make wonderful family pets.