Bunny is a gorgeous Petite Goldendoodle in excellent health. She is loyal and loving, she is eager to please and loves learning new things everyday,  her babies are lovely and weigh between 12-17 lbs.


Ember is a lovely Standard Australian Labradoodle, she has a beautiful apricot silky coat and has a wonderful personality, she is very smart and loves to learn new things everyday. Embers health and temperament are excellent.


Abby is our newest addiction,  Abby is a fun loving dog that loves to run and play when outdoors and is content just sitting with us or playing with the other pets indoors.


Penny is a beautiful Goldendoodle with tons of personality, she’s happy, playful and ready to please, she’s very smart and loyal!


Chloe is a sweet and caring dog with a great temperament. Chloe is our little clown always making us laugh. She is also in great health. Chloe is a petite Goldendoodle.


Jada is a Goldendoodle with a lovely fleecy non-shedding coat, she is a great Mom and makes beautiful babies!

Suzie is a loyal loving pet that loves people and actually thinks she is one, she is a lot fun to be around. Suzie produces adorable non-shed puppies with great temperaments and exceptional intelligence.


Fergie is a joy to be around, she is a gentle well mannered dog.


Brie is a sweet little Petite Goldendoodle with a non shed coat which she passes along to her babies along with her great temperament and sweet personality.


Sadie is a mini-Goldendoodle.  Sadie is a great pet and an excellent mother. No matter what names these pups go by Petite goldendoodles or Tiny goldendoodles they have mighty personalities and make wonderful family pets.