Ace is a beautiful Authentic Multi-generational Mini Australian Labradoodle.  He’s both tender-hearted and calm, making for the best bedside companion. Over the past few years, it has been such a joy to watch him grow and become the amazing dog that he is.


The handsomest boy on the block, Biscuit is one shaggy and smooth operator. His lush golden coat is long and easy to brush — making him an unparalleled favorite amongst the Goldenbelle ladies. With a heart as sweet as those dark doe eyes, Biscuit will certainly become an instant part of any family.


Rusty always shows off his fun and loving personality when embraced with a good game of fetch. He is one of our most intelligent puppies, with a discerning knowledge of when to have fun and when to stay calm.        


Cooper is a stunning  red Goldendoodle. Cooper is extremely smart and a loving and loyal husband who will not leave his girls side, through thick or thin he stands by her no matter what, hes also loyal to his humans, obeying every command and working extra hard to please. Not only does this boy have… Read more »


Perhaps, the most loyal puppy you’ll ever meet, Snoopy is a faithful companion to his most trusted caretakers. An easygoing guy, Snoopy effortlessly gets along with kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, horses, and birds. His supreme intelligence also made him that much more easily to train.