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Mini Golden Doodle Breeder in CanadaGoldendoodle Breeder in Canada

Hello and welcome to the GoldenBelle Doodles website. We are a family of dog lovers living on the outskirts of the lovely town of Lucknow Ontario. We have a small hobby farm,  with over 10 acres of fenced in property for our dogs to play in. Our dogs have provided us with tons of love, companionship, and joy over the years and we would like to share that joy with you. We have done extensive research into the world of dogs and breeding, and have had many years of hands on experience. This gives us the knowledge we need to provide you with a happy, healthy, well socialized best friend. We have selected our breeding stock with the greatest care, and have had them tested for genetic diseases.  The pups are vaccinated, dewormed and come with a written four year health warantee. We stand behind our pups 100% and are available through out your pups development to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. With proper nutrition, veterinary care, training, and of course T.L.C. you will have a great companion for many years to come. Buying from a reputable, established, experienced breeder will make a big difference on the lifespan of you puppy.  All our pups are raised in the home without any harsh chemicals to damage developing cells or cause problems down the road, rest assured that your puppy is being raised around natural cleaning products that are safe for both pets and humans as well as our environment.  Puppies are also raised on a natural dog food to get the best possible start in life as well as NuVet all natural supplements .

We wanted to choose a breed that was a sound, even tempered, intelligent, gentle dog. We have 6 children and wanted a dog we could trust around the kids. After extensive research, we decided on the Golden Retriever and have never regretted that choice. The kids are now grown and most of them are on their own with families of their own, so we can dedicate even more time to raising the dogs.

After doing some research on healthy breeds, I found that the Goldendoodle is a sound dog that has no or little genetic defects because of it’s large gene pool as there is no inbreeding or line breeding. The Goldendoodle is a highly intelligent, little to non-shedding, non-allergenic dog that has been used as a Seeing Eye dog for the blind with allergies. I have now added the Doubledoodle ( North American Retriever) to my breeding program since they are also a much healthier breed of dog then the purebred dogs. These breeds pick up the good traits from both parents, they are easily trained, and they have a very sweet nature and great disposition.  I breed the smaller version, petites & minis and find them to be  healthy and intelligent. As my breeding dogs retire I find them forever homes and am not adding any more to the breeding program as I get ready to slow down and concentrate on the babies I have, this gives me more time to spend with your puppy but it might mean that the wait time for a puppy is longer.

 Should a puppy ever need to be returned for what ever reason we would take the pup back, if a pup should ever have to be returned for health reasons we would give you a new pup of equal value. If your pup is diagnosed with a hereditary disease and you wanted to keep your pup then we would simply give you a new pup when you were ready for one. We don’t believe in trading your beloved pet in for another one unless it’s what you want.

A bit about our breeding program:

We have a large outdoor fenced in exercise yard they play in everyday, our dogs are loved, well cared for, trained, played with by our kids and grand kids, eat only the best human grade organic meats bought from the butcher or TLC dog food and are seen by the vet on a regular basis.

I am available to address any questions or concerns that you have, being able to contact the breeder is especially important in the first few weeks after the puppies leave for their new homes, only the breeder knows your puppy the best at this point and can offer support and peace of mind. I am more then happy to discuss any behavior problem or give training tips at any time of your dogs life.

Please contact Helen with any questions.


What happens after my Goldendoodle puppy is born?

Once mom has given birth the puppies, moms are seen by the vet to make sure everything is okay. The next four weeks are not too eventful, mom does most of the work and I  handle each puppy at least once a day, I weigh the pup and give it a once over and pet it a bit so that it gets the best start at socialization. I deworm the puppies every two weeks with Strongid T staring at 2 weeks old. By 6 weeks old the puppies’ immune system is strong enough to start socialization by other family members including my grand kids. Mom usually starts to wean her babies at this age so I introduce water soaked TLC dog food, Mom stops cleaning up puppies at this point so I take over keeping them clean and dry. This is the time that I start to puppy pad train them, they do great at keeping their sleeping and eating area clean. The puppies are slowly weaned over the next two weeks so that by the time they receive their first shots by 8 weeks old they are pretty much only eating TLC dog food and drinking water, Moms antibodies will fight the vaccine so you need to vaccinate the puppies at 12 weeks old and they will need a booster 4 weeks after that along with the rabies shot. I will accept visits after the pups get their first shot but your puppy will only be handled by myself, my family, the vet and you, so if someone else comes to see the puppies yours will be kept in a bio secure area. At 6 wks old I start to crate and house train, puppies are puppy pad trained during the worst part of winter and outside training is done during the warmer months. Simple commands like sit, come, off, no bite are introduced. You can order the food we feed our doodles and highly recommend, online.


To keep our puppies healthy please make an appointment before visiting, we have a visitors policy in place that I can go over with you before hand, thank you for understanding!!!

We are located by Lucknow it is about 20 minutes from Goderich, Kincardine and 10 from Wingham, we are located about 40 minutes from Listowel and 1.5 hours from Kitchener, Toronto is 2.5 hours

All Goldendoodle, Doubledoodle and Labradoodle puppies are vet checked, micro-chipped upon request, vaccinated, dewormed and receive their first application of advantage multi or revolution for heart worm and flea prevention before they leave.

Please read!!!! I can only make an educated guess about the weight of any puppy, there are big dogs and little dogs in the puppies makeup so every puppy is different, if asked how much a puppy will weigh as an adult I can only give you my best guess, I can in no way guarantee a weight. Thank you, Helen

There’s nothing like the sweet smell of puppy breath and sloppy puppy kisses to fill the void in anyone’s heart!