Petite, Mini & Tiny Goldendoodle Puppy Videos

Are you on the fence about bringing a Goldendoodle puppy into your home? There are so many benefits to adding a Goldendoodle to your family! From their tendency to get along well with kids and other pets to the fact that they are a hypoallergenic breed that typically doesn’t shed, how could you possibly resist?

If you’re not totally sold on these playful puppies, however, these adorable videos may change your mind.

Check out our petite, mini, and tiny Goldendoodle puppy videos below!

This is a video of one of our English teddy bear face Mini Goldendoodles looking at all of his favorite things (appropriately set to the song “My Favorite Things”):

These petite Doodles and Shih Tzus are taking a nap — and with all the playful energy of these breeds, it’s no wonder they need one!

Speaking of playing, these six-week-old Goldendoodles sure are having a great time:

These Goldendoodles may just be learning how to walk at three and a half weeks old, but they’re having some fun with the process:

Once Goldendoodle puppies do learn how to walk, you can expect lots of energy, and maybe even some jumping around. Just look at this eight-week-old puppy:

Worried about how a Goldendoodle puppy will fare with an older dog in the house? These two seem to be handling the situation well:

If these videos left you wishing for a Goldendoodle puppy of your own, contact GoldenBelle Kennels today or fill out our puppy application. We’ll notify you when one becomes available!