Bernedoodle Breeders & Puppies

So excited to introduce our amazing Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle Parents and our new Bernedoodle puppies to our breeding program.

My Daughter, Son in-law and I have been working very diligently the last three years to produce healthy happy Bernedoodles with great temperaments and excellent health by carefully genetically screening their parents including testing hips, eyes, and temperament. This combination of parents produce puppies with excellent temperaments and health and a very friendly and loving nature with a non shedding wavy coat.


Too be added to the wait list please fill out and application, I will keep it on file till a puppy of your choice becomes available at which time I will contact you and if you haven’t found a pup by then you will have the opportunity to place a deposit. Timing can not be guaranteed this far out but if I had to estimate I would say 6-12 months. No need to contact me I will see and file your applications. We can discuss further once I know when a pup will be available. Thank you and stay safe!!!!


Bernedoodle Dog Breeders in Canada

Bernedoodle shaking hands


Golden colored Bernedoodle


“Cooper” Mini Poodle Dad